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BW Book Club

Just because it says “book club” doesn’t mean the only books that count are the long-extensive romantic novels (although those are fun to read). It can be any book! Cook books, inspirational books, “learning-how-to-do-stuff” books, parenting books, career books, memoirs, historical novels, children books, long or short books, really any book applies!

high-five2The Being Wife Book Club will rate all these kind of books with a “High-Five” Scoring system.

ONE WIFE HIGH-FIVE: The wife finished the book, but that doesn’t mean she liked it. Would not recommend this book.

TWO WIFE HIGH-FIVES: The wife did finish the book, it was an okay book. More than likely would not recommend another wife to read it, but for sure would not let another wife buy it!

THREE WIFE HIGH-FIVES: The wife some-what enjoyed the book. By no means was it an “ohhh and ahhhh” kind of book but it was readable, enjoyable and would more than likely make my wife recommendation list until something better came along.

FOUR WIFE HIGH-FIVES: The wife enjoyed the book! Fun to ready, easy to understand, interesting, kept the wife on her toes kinda book! Worth recommending to another wife friend and possibly even purchasing to have in their own wife collection.

FIVE WIFE HIGH-FIVES: The wife LOVED the book! Very exciting, very interesting, hard to put down, wanted more when it was all over! The wife would high-five her way through her wife friends telling them about the book! Worth purchasing to keep for wife years to come!


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