Being Wife*Being Mother*Being Beal

A place where mothers & wives can come together

About WIFE

Being a WIFE was an adventure I thought I would possibly never take. I wasn’t sure it was something my free-spirited, crazy, independent, junk-loving, self-driven, shoe-obsessed, hippie-gypsy loving, craving inner-peace, spiritually grasping personality could handle. I wasn’t sure I could be the next “Betty-Crocker” or “Susie-Homemaker”…however; I stumbled across Prince (my kind of style) Charming and realized I didn’t have to sacrifice who I was to be someone’s WIFE.

So, here I am, wed (with ring on hand) and sharing the good, the pretty, the fun, the inspiring, the not so good, and sometimes the ugly (all about being a wife) with you!

A few things you should know about me and BEING WIFE…  1) I adore Entertaining and Party Planning (I mean, who doesn’t like a good party)! 2) I obsess over Magazines & Books, I love to read! I do have the Being Wife Book Club. In this club I will read, review and offer my personal WIFE opinion about all kinds of books pertaining to being a wife, books to assist you in being a better wife and maybe even a few “give the wife a break” kind of books! Any suggestions send them my way! 3) Projects! I love projects of all kinds from scrapbooking to building a birdhouse, to making a door ornament to making a homemade gift! I love to get in there and just do things! Projects are my friends! 4) Finding my purpose in this short but 100 mile and hour life (God has a purpose for all of us, finding that and fulfilling is always on my mind).


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